A high-level overview of some of my projects. Drop me a line if you want to learn more.

AWS Solutions Architects

UX Lead in the emerging segment of Amazon Web Services ecosystem. Develop UX strategy and evolve user-centric design process in several new projects. The scope of work and responsibilities include: user research, coordination of design/dev process with stakeholders, business and functional requirements, Information Architecture, OOUX, prototyping and UI design, usability testing, UX metrics/KPIs.

AWS Training & Certification

Implemented user research, Information Architecture, developed prototypes and interaction design models for Learning Experience products and Business Operations solutions. Developed and evolved an atomic Design System for the family of learning products.

MSPComplete Platform

A B2B platform that enables managed service providers to build and streamline their workflow processes through smart automation mechanisms. I was a Lead Designer responsible for certain parts of the product User Experience. Established an effective design process working directly with the customers,  defining user problems and goals and shaping the product roadmap along with the product department, engineers and other stakeholders. Efficiently implemented: user research, product strategy, content strategy, prototyping, interaction design, user testing, and other activities.

Wattplan - Energy Consumption Analyzer

Wattplan is a tool that helps people make informed decisions on adopting solar energy. I was a Lead Designer on the team, established and successgully evolved design-centric approach and successfully implemented user research, interaction design and usability testing activities to enhance User Experience for Wattplan customers. 

UX Hints

Website – curated collection of Product Design cheat sheets. Coordinated the strategy, created visual and UI design, built and launched a WordPress website.  Currently creating and publishing content for it.

BitTitan Design System

Developed a design system for the B2B Platform MSPComplete. The project required a deep understanding of the fundamental components of the system, developing an atomic hierarchy of elements, creating design tenets and streamlining the communication between designers and engineers. I built an extensive design kit Sketch library synchronized with the product’s codebase. The project also required a lot of Design Ops work aspects: versioning, updating documentation and working based upon design-dev sprints.


Overhaul of a product marketing website for an Austrian startup Usersnap. Usersnap is a visual bug tracker and feedback tool for developers and designers. I led the process of redesigning the website, including persona research, wireframes, UI design and front-end coding. The new website provided its customers with a user-friendly experience and communicated information about product features and prices. Redesign efforts resulted in increased lead conversions, frictionless User Experience and positive customer feedback.


Website – curated directory of SASS tools and solutions for design, development, learning experience, job search and other areas. Scope of work: Information Architecture, visual and UI design, product and content strategy, building, launching and maintaining the WordPress website.

Koze Messenger

Engineers-focused messenger. Scope of work: research, visual, UI and interaction design, usability testing. 


E-Commerce UI and Interaction Design explorations and conceptual work for a UI Kit.

Sneakers Auction

Marketplace enabling people to sell or purchase rare models of sneakers. Scope of work: personas, customer journey mapping, Information Architecture, user flows, interactive prototyping, visual/UI design, and other design activities.


A website but for Lexus in Moldova. I was leading the entire development process, effectively communicating it with the client and the dev/design team. Building a configuration wizard was the most challenging part of it. It had required cinsidering a lot of interaction aspects and back-end nuances. Ultimately the project was launched in time and provided its customers with full functionality and smooth User Experience.


A big and complex project for the official representative of Toyota Motor Corporation in Moldova. I headed the team of designers and developers, who developed and successfully launched a corporate website along with an online configuration builder for the product line of Toyota vehicles. I was responsible for developing and communicating business and functional requirements and controlling the design and development process.


E-commerce UI Kit. Visual, UI and interaction explorations and conceptual work.


A car infotainment email application. Scope of work: research, personas, user flows, wireframes and UI design.

Kwality Electric

A corporate website for a local electrical services contractor in the Greater Seattle Area. Scope of work: business and functional requirements, branding and visual design, developing a WordPress-based website, marketing strategy.


Mobile app helping people quickly find a n available car wash and schedule a car wash appointment. Scope of work: research, Information Architecture, functional specification requirements, interaction/UI design, usability testing.


A social hub for connecting people of different cultures and nationalities. Scope of work: user research, Information Architecture, user flows, wireframe, visual/UI design, usability testing.

A mini web-site CheckTag is a result of a one-day hackathon held by the Usersnap team. In one day we’ve managed to generate an idea of a chrome extension, create design for it and launch a one-page website.

A visual concept of a landing page for a creative agency Trendlogic GmbH. Design metaphor for the message “Tantum possumus, quantum scimus” provided visitors with 3 creative puzzles to solve.

Usersnap Visual Guidelines

New design guidelines and UI kit for the application Usersnap.

A website about practical insights from web developers. Scope of work: branding, design and front-end coding of the website.


A website for a local business directory in Moldova. Scope of work: branding, UX research, functional and design requirements, user flows, wireframe, UI and Interaction Design, usablity testing.