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Based in Seattle

Professional Background

I bring over 20 years of experience in individual contributor and leadership roles, delivering successful design strategies and user experiences for digital B2B and B2C products. My expertise lies in building customer-centric processes and leading design teams, leveraging a strong visual and interaction design background, strategic vision, and system thinking. In the past 5-7 years, I have focused on growing design teams, executing any part of the design process from research and definition to validation, and delivering measurable design results that delight users and solve their problems.


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Product Areas

Cloud solutions
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Solar energy
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TikTok Monetization - Sales/CRM Platform

Lead Designer | 2023

At TikTok (Bytedance), I am responsible for leading the design process of an internal Sales/CRM platform. This platform aims to help TikTok users maximize their earnings through advertising on TikTok. My main focus is on developing a UX strategy for the product, expanding the design team, and delivering an industry-leading user experience to our users.

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service

Principal Designer | 2021

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service is a leading container orchestration platform from AWS. As a Principal Designer, I led the design process for the product and its adjacent areas, evolved strategic and user-centric thinking, and built efficient collaboration within the product team.

I improved the product’s user experience, resulting in a 25% decrease in errors and a 30% increase in adoption. By fostering creative thinking and prioritizing design-driven projects, I influenced both the design and product teams. Additionally, I managed and collaborated with designers for seamless integration and assisted in building and growing the design team.

AWS re:Post

Lead Designer | 2020

AWS re:Post is a QA and knowledge-sharing platform that connects cloud experts, including DevOps professionals, Solution Architects, Developers, and others. It’s designed to assist users in embarking on their cloud journey and achieving success with AWS. I led the design process for this platform, prioritizing a user-centric approach. I also proposed a strategy for optimizing the design system, which resulted in a 5x faster delivery to the market. This approach also allowed for a cohesive design language to be successfully implemented on the platform. These efforts resulted in significant improvements, including a 40% increase in user engagement and a 25% decrease in customer retention.

AWS Workshop Studio

Lead Designer | 2020

AWS Workshop Studio is an educational platform offering a range of workshops and events. I conducted user research to develop customer journey maps and introduced a design thinking approach. This led to a user-centric experience and informed our roadmap. I facilitated workshops to shape the UX vision and goals. With the new user experience, we achieved a 20% increase in user adoption and a 35% improvement in customer satisfaction.

AWS Spectre Mobile Application POC

Lead Designer | Design Manager | 2019

Spectre is a proof-of-concept news app for AWS users, providing access to the latest cloud technology news. I led the project, creating a design vision and aligning with stakeholders. Through agile research and ideation sessions with leadership, we achieved a unified product strategy and high team engagement. We presented an interactive prototype that secured project approval. This resulted in funding for a product team of over 15 members.

Amazon Genome Mobile POC

Lead Designer | 2019

As the leader of the design process for Genome, a proof-of-concept project aimed at securing leadership approval and funding, I fostered strategic alignment and collaboration with cross-functional teams. Through fast-paced agile research, deep dives, and ideation sessions with product and design leadership, I achieved high engagement within the team and successful design outcomes. By delivering a clickable interactive prototype and presenting it to both leadership and the team, I secured project approval and funding for the product team, which consisted of over 15 members.

AWS Cloud Learning Platform

Sr. Lead Designer | 2018

I played a key role as a Senior Lead Designer in shaping the AWS Cloud Learning Platform. Leading the design process for its key features, my focus was on creating a seamless and intuitive user experience. To ensure consistency and efficiency in design deliverables, I supported the design team by building and evolving a design system library. By utilizing data-driven insights, we continuously improved the platform, resulting in enhanced user retention and increased adoption. Collaborating closely with cross-functional teams, we aligned design goals and strategies to drive the platform’s success in enhancing cloud knowledge for AWS users and beyond.

AWS Cloud T&C Design System

Lead Designer | 2018

I spearheaded the development of Paloma, a design system tailored for AWS’s learning management system, ensuring a user-friendly learning experience with a focus on an atomic design approach. My leadership in creating a consistent visual language and component library streamlined our design process, aligning closely with AWS’s branding. This user-centric approach not only enhanced the intuitiveness of the user experience but also significantly boosted our market delivery efficiency by 200%, marking a substantial impact on the organization’s success.

MSPC Cloud Platform

Sr. Designer | 2017

As the Senior Designer for MSPC, I crafted a seamless user experience for its cloud migration platform, significantly boosting user adoption and satisfaction. I guided the creation of a Design System, bringing consistency and efficiency to our designs, which was pivotal in improving user retention and loyalty. Through data-driven insights, I continuously refined the user experience, enhancing customer allegiance. My collaboration with various teams was instrumental in positioning MSPC as a leader in effortless data and workload migration across multiple clouds.

Wattplan Energy Consumption Planner

Sr. Designer | 2016

At Wattplan, I directed the design of our B2B/B2C SaaS app, enhancing energy management for users and solar companies, and ensuring a smooth product development cycle with a focus on collaboration and agile UX enhancements. My leadership in creating an intuitive experience catered to both consumer needs and business goals, integrating UX research and data analytics into the design process, which heightened user satisfaction. Through rigorous user testing, I achieved our UX and product objectives, culminating in a triumphant launch and a surge in customer adoption.